Frequently asked Questions:


1. What do you offer:


‘Relax & Write’ offer a weekend of writing, working on your article or novel, meeting other writers and enjoying being away from the working day, traffic and home chores.


2. Who is it for?


All levels – whether a beginner, or experienced writer, you come to ‘Relax & Write’ Weekends, to do just that – relax and write and meet other writers and exchange ideas, tips and receive from your Course Tutor feed back on your writing style.


3. Why do we need it?


You need to concentrate on your work in hand. To receive constructive feedback. To be able to write and express yourself, enjoying the venue, the food and accommodation, the freedom to think.


4. What’s your story?


We have all enjoyed and learnt from Writing Courses. Previously ‘Malaga Workshops’ - I ran about ten weekends a year in the UK and changed the name to ‘Relax & Write’ because that is what we do. Groups have been meeting to write with us for about 18 years, both in Malaga and at different venues in the UK. We enjoyed our own experiences, and decided to share them with others, covering the costs.


5. Why should we trust you?


We offer good value! Our Course Leaders are all Published Authors, Writers and Broadcasters. Experienced Teachers of their genre. Most of our members return every year, or even twice a year, which is very satisfying!

We are well known by other writing circles and groups.


6. What next?


We try and publish the following year’s list of weekend courses, with plenty of time to book and if early, pay by instalments if that is convenient to you.

We publish monthly in the Writing Magazine, Writers’ Forum, at NAWG Festival . Our Website ‘, on Facebook. Mail Chimp.


Contact us with your questions.

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